The Alexandra Palace, a castle hotel by the sea near La Rochelle

A castle hotel on the seafront near La Rochelle- that's a tall order that only the 5-star, Alexandra Palace can live up to. Here's an introduction to a place that'll make your vacation sublime.

Choose a 5-star seaside hotel near La Rochelle for an unforgettable stay

The Alexandra Palace is a 5-star hotel. We could also say it's a 5-star castle, as it's sometimes difficult to distinguish the two. Above all, it's a castle hotel on the seafront near La Rochelle. Built in the 17th century, the hotel has preserved the atmosphere of the period through its furnishings, choice of fabrics and objects, both in the rooms and in the common areas. There's something majestic about this establishment. This makes it without doubt a luxury castle by the sea near La Rochelle. It's a hotel that appeals to tourists in search of fresh sea air, to couples in need of the perfect estate for a wedding, and to professionals in search of the most impressive seminar room.

Luxury seaside castle near La Rochelle, just one of many assets

La Rochelle may be an hour's drive from Alexandra Palace, but it's not likely that you'll take the time to get there either. Why not? Because this castle hotel by the sea near La Rochelle has everything to make you want to stay. It all starts with this magnificent 18-hole golf course, which can be adapted to suit all levels of ability, with modern facilities and practice areas. For beginners or advanced players, Golf du Petit Chêne is a real pleasure. You'll also appreciate the cuisine, which is the same as that served in the Alexandra Palace's gourmet restaurant. We could go on and on about the heated outdoor swimming pool, which offers a beautiful view over the grounds of this 5-star hotel close to the sea, or its cellar and cognac cellar. But the best thing is to discover it for yourself.

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