A wedding domain in Charente-Maritime: demand excellence for your big day

Choosing a wedding domain in Charente-Maritime is a challenge as there are so many opportunities. But there is one choice that will put everyone in agreement if you think big: Alexandra Palace.

An exceptional venue for a wedding reception in Charente-Maritime

What are the essentials for a successful wedding ceremony? First of all, you need an exceptional venue for a wedding reception in the Charente-Maritime region, one that will dazzle the bride and groom as much as the guests. The Alexandra Palace, a 17th century castle converted into a luxury hotel is the right answer. Modern and of a grandiose comfort, it did not make any concession on its castle atmosphere and you will really have the impression to find yourself in the XVIIth so much the charm of the decoration operates.

Your wedding domain in Charente-Maritime must also be able to accompany you in the success of the festivities. With the Alexandra Palace located a few kilometers from Niort, you will be facing a team of professionals who have been organizing weddings and business meetings for years. The reception of a large number of people and meeting the precise expectations of the sponsors is therefore an integral part of the know-how of Alexandra Palace.

Alexandra Palace, an exceptional place to organize a wedding reception

Beyond the hotel part of this 5 star hotel and its interior setting, there are still many reasons to make the castle your domain for your wedding in Charente-Maritime. It starts with the golf course which will be a point of attraction, but also the demonstration of the standing of the place. For your meals, a gourmet restaurant, the Daniels, is located on site. In terms of entertainment, we must mention in bulk the massage cabins of the spa, the heated outdoor pool, the lounge bar, the cognacery, the wine cellar of an exceptional wealth and others.

Your wedding is a unique day, for you, your loved ones and your family. An exceptional venue for a wedding reception in Charente-Maritime must therefore be up to your dreams. L'Alexandra Palace is ahead of them to offer you a setting that you would not have dared to imagine.

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